Group & Private Classes

Group & Private Classes

Register for class today or make an appointment for a private yoga session!


Register for class today or make an appointment for a private yoga session!

Yoga with Alexis

Yoga for Every BODY


Alexis offers yoga classes that are accessible to everyone. Whether you are looking to reduce stress and anxiety or gain strength, balance and flexibility, each class is designed to help you reach your goals and intentions. Be ready to challenge yourself, be compassionate with yourself, and open up to revealing the limitless potential that is within you.

 Choose from group classes or private sessions or contact Alexis to figure out which might be right for you. 

Group Classes


Group yoga classes are a great way to increase overall strength, flexibility, endurance and balance in a supportive community environment. You will learn mindfulness and the benefits of coordinating breath with movement in order to decrease stress and anxiety as well as increase mental clarity and objectivity. No experience is required for most classes and all levels of experience are encouraged to attend. 

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Private Sessions


Private yoga sessions allow you to focus on personal interests, goals, and concerns. Everyone is different and private lessons are the perfect way to honor that. Alexis will work with you one on one where you will receive individual guidance, direction and support for your practice. It is the perfect way to individualize and customize your yoga practice on a schedule that works for you. Contact Alexis today for your free consultation! 

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*Alexis also offers private classes for partners or small groups.